33:1 Straw Extruder Realizes Full Adaptability to PLA and PHA Biodegradable Materials

The biodegradable straw manufacturing machine uses biodegradable materials to produce straws with minimal environmental pollution, making it an innovative solution for sustainable development. However, most biodegradable straw manufacturing machines on the market cannot simultaneously use different formulations of PLA straw materials, which also increases production costs.

However, as a leading manufacturer of straw extrusion machines in China, Marrow has successfully tested two different formulations of PLA straw materials from West Lake University (founded by Shi Yigong, a scientist in the field of bioscience, focusing on bio-based materials) and Mr. Mark’s BBM bamboo powder biodegradable materials on the same patented screw straw extrusion machine, achieving success on the first attempt!

The most important thing is that this test only used half a package of materials and successfully produced the finished product!

The success of this equipment test once again proves the excellent performance of Marrow’s patented 33:1 screw technology, and also fully confirms our company’s professional strength in the field of straw equipment technology.

The Marrow patented 33:1 screw technology straw extrusion machine has successfully tested various modified biodegradable materials including PLA, PHA, bamboo powder, straw, coffee grounds, etc. It has now achieved comprehensive adaptation to various biodegradable materials such as PLA and PHA.

PHA PLA straw

In addition, we have received positive feedback from Beyond, a company in the United States, regarding our equipment. Beyond highly praised the quality of PHA straws produced by our straw extrusion machine, stating that the equipment runs very smoothly.

This feedback not only acknowledges the quality and performance of Marrow’s equipment but also recognizes our company’s professional technical strength. We are confident in continuing to provide high-quality products and services to our customers in the future.

PLA and PHA straw samples

(The PLA and PHA straw samples produced by the customer)

Positive feedback

(Positive feedback from Beyond, the US company)

In recent years, global environmental awareness has been steadily increasing, leading governments to intensify efforts to control plastic pollution. Biodegradable plastics, as environmentally friendly and degradable alternative materials, are experiencing continuous growth in market demand.

Technological innovation and industrial upgrades are driving the biodegradable plastics industry to continuously improve product quality and production efficiency, reduce costs, and expand application areas. It is reported that in the coming years, the biodegradable plastics industry is expected to experience a period of rapid development, becoming one of the important directions for the development of the plastic industry.

Enterprises need to actively respond to market changes and challenges, focusing on product quality, production efficiency, and cost control, to strive for sustainable development. Therefore, when purchasing straw production equipment, besides considering the purchase price of the equipment, attention should also be paid to the controllability of post-production costs and material adaptability, as well as the sustainability of the equipment.

Marrow’s patented 33:1 screw servo direct extrusion machine not only exhibits excellent adaptability to materials such as PLA, PHA, bamboo powder, straw, coffee grounds, and PP but also boasts high production efficiency, capable of producing 1800 straws per minute. With a lifespan of up to 20 years, the equipment ensures continuous, stable, and efficient production while guaranteeing product quality. The production process effectively reduces material waste, helping enterprises significantly reduce overall production costs.

bamboo powder biodegradable straw samples

(The bamboo powder biodegradable straw samples produced by the customer)

As a forward-thinking purchaser, we sincerely invite you to visit Marrow Machinery in Nanjing for an on-site inspection and validation! After gaining a thorough understanding of our products and services, you will discover that we are not only an excellent equipment supplier but also a partner dedicated to your success!

In the future, Marrow will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, deepen our research and development in straw machinery, to meet the ever-changing market demands, and contribute to the global environmental cause!

PLA PHA straw

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