China Central Television footage of Marrow Machinery — Leading the development of the industry with high technology level

Nanjing Marrow Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can provide all kinds of straw making machines, straw forming machines and straw packaging machines. Company founder Ling Hongjun, is the first generation of straw mechanical designer in China, and is the senior technical expert who has absolute influence in the straw machinery industry. He is the only guest selected by China Central Television “Rising China” program to interview and report on the straw machinery industry.

The company, which was founded in 2005, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in designing, researching and developing, producing and selling plastic (straw) machinery, quantitative weighing batching packaging machinery, industrial automation non-standard equipment.

It has 2 invention patents and 47 utility model patents in the field of straw machinery and weighing. In July 2015, it was awarded the provincial high-tech enterprise certificate. In 2018 and 2021, it was re-evaluated and awarded the high-tech enterprise certificate again.

Our company provides a whole series of PP plastic straw, environmentally friendly paper straw, PLA biodegradable straw complete sets of equipment.It is a leading enterprise in the domestic straw equipment industry. It is a long-term technical and equipment partner of domestic well-known straw enterprises: Yiwu Soton, Zhangzhou Jiean, Yiwu Mengte, Jinhua Junfa, Anhui Jinli, etc.

Our company independently designed and developed the BM separation type+ pineapple nail PLA patent screw structure: diameter 50/65mm,L:D(33:1), with 22/30KW high efficiency and energy saving servo motor, guomao 146/173 vertical gearbox with hard tooth surface, extrusion capacity (output) 50~100 kgs/ hour. Good plasticizing effect, extrusion stability, large output; Patent design BM separation type+ pineapple nail PLA patent screw structure, suitable for a variety of PLA modified materials! At present, it is the first choice for many domestic customers!

At the same time, our company is also the ODM factory authorized by Siemens (China) to produce weighing feeders and the technical service center of Siemens dynamic weighing products.

Since 2007, our company has provided more than 1000 sets of dynamic weighing system products and technical services for Siemens in many industries (iron and steel industry, cement industry, metallurgy industry, tobacco industry, chemical industry, food industry, cotton weighing industry, port terminal, etc.) and groups (Baosteel Group, Shanghai Tobacco Factory, Conch Group, Hongshi Group, Nanjing Chemical Industry Group, China Resources Group, Guizhou Ono Chemical Industry Group, Jingda Group, Xinjiang Construction Corps, etc.) at home and abroad, which has been well received by all parties.

Since 2016, we have exported a lot of equipment to the United States, Germany, Canada, Indonesia and other international markets.

Our company can provide complete sets of PLA, plastic straw extrusion, molding, packaging equipment, which has become the preferred equipment supplier and technical support unit for more than 500 plastic straw enterprises across the country.

30% of the products are exported to Europe (Italy, Russia, Greece, Turkey), Eastern Europe (Romania, Poland, Croatia), New Zealand, Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East, Africa and other global markets with more than 200 customers. Our company has a good market reputation and market influence.

Honest service is the core value that Nanjing Maio has adhered to for many years. Creating wealth for users is our responsibility! Our company has passed the S9001 quality management system certification, and all mechanical products have CE certification for export to the EU!

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