The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Suitable PLA Straw Extruder

Which straw extruder is better for producing PLA straws?

To answer this question, we will start with the length-to-diameter ratio of the PLA straw extruder and analyze the impact of different length-to-diameter ratio screws on the production of PLA materials.

The screw length-to-diameter ratio is an important parameter of the straw extruder, which has a certain impact on the production effect of PLA straws. Here, we compare length-to-diameter ratios of 33:1 and 37:1 to see which extruder screw produces better PLA straws.

Beverage Straw Extruder
  1. Extruder screw with aspect ratio 33:1

Straw extruders with a screw length-to-diameter ratio of 33:1 are a common type on the market. This type of screw can meet the normal production of PLA materials in most cases. If the PLA material is filled with materials similar to talc or calcium carbonate, the more filling, the longer the aspect ratio of the screw will be needed to ensure that the PLA material is stirred more evenly.

  1. Extruder screw with aspect ratio 37:1

Straw extruders with a screw length-to-diameter ratio of 37:1 are relatively rarely used. This type of screw may be customized according to the manufacturer’s needs and is targeted at individual PLA materials with special properties.

PLA Straw Crystallizing Machine3

If you have no special needs, an extruder screw with an aspect ratio of 33:1 can already meet the normal production of most PLA materials. At the same time, we should also note that depending on different PLA material characteristics and production needs, it may be necessary to choose a screw with a longer diameter ratio. Therefore, when selecting an extruder screw, a comprehensive evaluation should be carried out based on specific circumstances.

In short, whether the aspect ratio is 33:1 or 37:1, the selection of the extruder screw should be comprehensively considered based on the properties of the PLA material, production needs, and equipment compatibility. In the absence of special requirements, a screw with an aspect ratio of 33:1 can already meet the normal production of most PLA materials.


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