How Much Does a Straw-Machine Cost and How to Choose?

If you want to start a straw-making machine business, but don’t know how to choose because you don’t understand the price of a straw-making machine, then this guide may help you understand the prices of straw-making machines on the market and choose the right straw making machine according to your production needs.

Straw-making machines vary in price due to different types, models, and production capacities. According to official media statistics, the current price of ordinary plastic straw-making machines on the market generally ranges from $5,500 to $140,000 per production line. Paper straw-making machines and PLA straw-making machines are more environmentally friendly and sustainable because the straws they produce are biodegradable. The manufacturing process is more complex and the price will be higher than that of the plastic straw-making machine. Generally, the price of a paper straw-making machine production line is $12,500-16,500; the price of a PLA straw-making machine is generally around $11,000-250,000 per production line.

This is just reference data for the straw extruder production line. Different straw-making machine manufacturers and different straw-making machine types will have different pricing. You can learn more about the price differences of different types of straw-making machines.

  • Small-scale machines: These are suitable for small businesses or startups. Prices can range from $4,000 to $10,000. They typically have lower production capacities and may require more manual operation.
  • Fully automatic machines: For larger operations, fully automatic machines are available, which can significantly increase production efficiency and output. These machines can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 or more, depending on their features and production capabilities.

Paper Straw-Making Machines

  • Semi-automatic machines: These are a step up from manual machines and can produce a higher volume of paper straws. Prices for semi-automatic machines can range from $15,000 to $30,000.
  • Fully automatic machines: These machines offer the highest production capacities for paper straws and can include features like inline printing and cutting. Prices can range from $30,000 to over $100,000 for high-end models.
  • Machines for PLA or other biodegradable materials: As the demand for eco-friendly straws increases, machines capable of producing straws from polylactic acid (PLA) or other biodegradable materials are becoming more popular. These machines can be more expensive due to the specialized processing required. Prices can range from $25,000 to $100,000 or more, depending on the technology and production capacity.

In addition, different configurations such as the motor, hopper, and whether there is a PLC touch screen on the machine will also affect the price of the straw machine.

straw making machine

Therefore, when purchasing a straw making machine, we need to pay attention to product cost control, material adaptability, and service life. As China’s leading straw making machine, Marrow continues to innovate and develop to improve product quality.

Taking PLA straw machinery as an example, due to the particularity of PLA straw material, the production of PLA straw has high-performance requirements for straw machinery. The traditional PP straw machine uses a screw with an aspect ratio of 28:1, which cannot meet the needs of low-temperature operation of PLA materials. Through technological innovation, Marrow proposed a patented screw with an aspect ratio of 33:1 and a pineapple nail + BM separation structure to ensure efficient and stable production of PLA straws.

straw making machine

This special patented screw with an aspect ratio of 33:1 was developed by a team led by Chinese think tank expert Mr. Ling Hongjun. The special screw structure design can effectively improve and enhance the uniform mixing and plasticizing effect of raw materials, thereby ensuring the production of PLA straw product quality.

Many screw structures on the market that claim to have a length-to-diameter ratio of 33:1 are simply lengthened on the basis of the ordinary PP straw extruder screw. The internal structure is not improved, and the performance of the extruder is not improved. Therefore, when we purchase a straw machine, we must examine the performance of the straw machine in many aspects.

Suppose you need a straw-making machine to provide efficient productivity for your production. In that case, Marrow can provide you with cost-effective straw-making machines, including plastic straw-making machines, PLA straw-making machines and various models of straw-making machines.

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