How Should A Straw Making Machine, A Straw Extrusion Machine, Be Maintained?

Regular maintenance of straw making machines and straw extrusion machines is beneficial for extending their service life and reducing the occurrence of issues such as burrs on the straws and low production efficiency during operation.

So, how should you perform regular maintenance on straw making machines and straw extrusion machines? It is recommended to conduct inspections once every 3 months.

1. Firstly, check the gearbox of the machines, including all gears.

2. Secondly, inspect the oil level and concentration to ensure that the gearbox operates steadily over the long term.

3. Also, examine the bearings of the traction rubber wheels on the straw making machine and straw cutting machine, including the bearings at both ends of the cutting shaft.

4. Apply lubricating oil or grease regularly and avoid dry running for an extended period. Dry running can affect the stability of the straw machines, which in turn impacts the roundness, length, and thickness of the straws, resulting in production errors.

5. Lastly, check whether the traction speed of the straw machines is uniform. Inconsistent speed will lead to uneven thickness in the straws and compromise the uniformity of their weight.

Apart from straw making machines and straw extrusion machines, various other straw forming machines such as straw bending machines, U-shaped straw making machines, and telescopic straw machines also require regular maintenance for their chains, sprockets, bearings, and reducers.

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