How To Do If The Straw Produced By Straw Machine Is Not Round Enough?

Why does PLA biodegradable material always appear ellipse and roundness insufficient in the process of producing straws?

The founder of Marrow machinery Ling Hongjun said: this problem please think from the following points!

Marrow machinery

Compared with traditional PP material, PLA material is more complex because of its composition. Different manufacturers add different modified material in the modification process, which leads to the PLA straw material in the straw production process being far more difficult than PP material.

The elliptical shape of the straw produced is a common phenomenon in many straw factories and many brands of PLA material.

PLA material

The suggestions are as follows:

1. It is suggested to use belt traction instead of the traditional rubber wheel traction method, increase the traction area, improve the roundness of the straw.

2. It is suggested that the material manufacturer that provides PLA material for you improve the formula appropriately to improve the rigidity and elasticity of the material.

3. Add some side clamping auxiliary parts to the inside of the sink, such as clamping rollers.

Straw Machine

Generally, the flat state of the straw is small up and down, large left and right, and elliptical in the horizontal direction. Therefore, it is necessary to increase some clamping parts on the left and right sides of the straw to improve the roundness of the straw.

4. Make sure the produced straw is sufficiently cooled before cutting the length of the straw.

Control the temperature of the water in the cooling tank. Summer temperatures are high, so you need to cool the water. Winter water temperature is low, need to heat the water. In summer, the water is slightly warmer in the afternoon than it is in the morning, If the water temperature is not adjusted, it will lead to the same equipment, normal production in the morning, but the straw produced in the afternoon is not qualified.

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