How to Start a Straw Machine Business

Straws manufactured using straw machines are widely used in daily life. With the development of today’s sustainability and environmental awareness, the demand for environmentally friendly straws is also growing. Therefore, starting a straw machine business will be a promising business. As a professional straw machine manufacturer, we will enthusiastically provide you with the conditions you need to successfully start your straw machine business.

What You Need to Know

1. Market dynamics

Before starting the straw machine business, you need to conduct in-depth research and research on the market. The demand for straws, especially biodegradable and reusable straws, is rising due to rising environmental awareness. Conduct thorough market research to identify your target audience, potential competitors, and market trends.

2. Business plan

A detailed business plan can help you sort out your operating model and clarify your business model. Plan how to promote your business, including online presence, partnerships and trade shows. Also develop cost forecasts to estimate start-up costs, operating expenses, revenue forecasts and break-even analysis.

3. Legal and regulatory requirements

Your straw machine business must operate legally and comply with legal and regulatory requirements, which include obtaining necessary licenses and certifications and complying with health and safety regulations. Make sure your production process meets environmental standards, especially when producing biodegradable or eco-friendly straws.

What You Need to Prepare

1. Factory site

Since you want to open a factory, you must choose a good site. The newly established straw factory does not have high requirements for site selection, but it has high requirements for the production environment. After all, straws are in direct contact with the human body, so they must be produced in a dust-free workshop. !

The specific factory area can be determined according to the number of straw processing equipment planned to be purchased and the production scale. It is generally recommended to rent a factory first to avoid problems such as factory relocation and factory expansion.

Factory site

2. Buy good straw equipment

A good straw production equipment can make straw production twice the result with half the effort!

First of all, you must choose a machinery manufacturer with brand protection, technical support, long experience in the industry, and a good reputation in the industry. Then purchase suitable straw equipment based on your own financial situation.

To open a straw factory, you need to purchase equipment including straw extruders, cutting machines, forming machines, packaging machines and other straw equipment.

At present, the technology of straw machinery and equipment is very mature. Ling Hongjun, the first domestic straw machinery designer (the founder of Marrow straw machine machinery) has 30 years of experience in this industry and has been using his professional vision for decades. and excellent technical strength lead the development of this industry.

3. Production materials and packaging materials

Due to the trend of environmental awareness and sustainable development, straw factories are now open to produce environmentally friendly straws. There are two main types of environmentally friendly straws on the market, namely environmentally friendly paper straws and degradable PLA straws. The corresponding raw materials are paper pulp and polylactic acid.

From the perspective of the general environment of the straw industry, PLA straws have a greater market. When purchasing production materials, you must do your homework. The production materials of polylactic acid are different in each yard. Choose reliable suppliers who can consistently provide high-quality raw materials.

Production materials and packaging materials

4. Business registration

Register your company with the relevant departments and obtain the necessary business licenses, health licenses, food safety licenses, etc. For details, please consult the Industry and Commerce Bureau and the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau.

5. Workforce and training

The fully automatic straw production equipment is simple to operate and requires only a few people. However, comprehensive training is required to ensure safe and efficient production.

Someone must be responsible for management tasks such as purchasing, accounting, and after-sales, but in the initial stage of business, it is okay for one person to be responsible for multiple positions.

For those interested in starting a straw factory, it is advisable to visit straw machine manufacturers in person. Compare different options and select the equipment that best suits your needs. Marrow is also delighted to offer high-quality straw machines and support for your straw machine business.

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How to Start a Straw Machine Business

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