I Have Just Purchased An Drinking Straw Extruder, How Do I Test Its Extrusion Stability?

To test the extrusion capabilities, you should run the straw extruder and conduct continuous sampling. That is taking samples at regular intervals without interrupting the ongoing operation. You should take approximately five to six samples of the material extruded. Each sample is weighed separately. This process requires two people to work together, following the specific steps below:

One person is responsible for timing, while the other person is responsible for cutting the samples. After sampling is completed, each sample’s weight is measured using an electronic scale. If the weight fluctuations between the initial and final measurements are within the range of 3% to 5%, it indicates stable extrusion. However, if the fluctuations exceed this range, it indicates unstable extrusion, and there might be an issue with the extruder.

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