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A drinking straw extruder is a device used to produce straws. Currently, there are mainly two types of straw extruders on the market: conventional motor-driven straw machines and servo motor-driven straw machines. Let’s take a look at the common issues that may arise when using environmentally friendly straw machines and plastic straw machines and their respective solutions.

drinking straw extruder

For example, some of the straws produced are thick and some are thin. This phenomenon may be due to the insufficient stability of the straw machine. To solve this problem, you can start from the following aspects:

Checking the belts on the main unit:

Check if the belts on the main unit are aging, slipping, or elongated. If there are any issues, replace the belts promptly.

Inspecting the heating element of the main unit:

straw extruder

Check whether the heating ring of the main unit is damaged. Damage to the heating ring will cause the heating temperature of the straw machine to be uneven, resulting in some thick straws and some thin straws. If the heating coil is damaged, it needs to be replaced.

Clean the runner surface of the mold:

Check whether the runner surface of the mold is carbonized and deposited due to long-term operation. If there is a carbon deposit on the surface of the flow channel of the mold, it needs to be cleaned in time to avoid affecting the smoothness of the straw material during the outflow process, which in turn affects the stability of the straw machine, thereby affecting the fluctuation of the diameter of the straw, resulting in some of the produced straws Some are thick and some are thin.

Beverage Straw Extruder

Through the above methods, we can effectively solve the problem that some straws produced by the straw extruder are thick and some are thin. To ensure the stability of the pipette machine, it is necessary to regularly check the belt, heating ring, and flow channel surface of the mold, and replace and clean them in time.

Besides, you should also pay attention to the daily care and maintenance of the straw machine to extend the service life of the straw machine.


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