Open straw factory, how to save costs? 99% of people think wrong!

Some people say that buying a straw machine is like buying a money printing machine, which can continuously generate profits, but some people bought the machine in March and still can’t put it into normal production in November.

Some people make money, some people have no profit, there are many factors that affect the result. The key factor is that the quality of the straw machine itself is excellent, and the second is whether there is professional training and guidance in the use of the equipment.

Relying on the technical advantages of its founder Ling Hongjun (the first generation straw machinery designer in China), Marrow has developed many new products in the straw machinery equipment industry, which are easy to copy after entering the market. Such copy products in initial use, it is easy to encounter some problems.

For example, after the equipment is bought back, the straw factory needs to spend several weeks testing the machine, and it needs to use a large number of straw materials to test the machine before entering the normal production process. A large amount of waste generated in the test process is paid by the straw manufacturer. (One ton of environmentally friendly degradable straw material is nearly 40,000 yuan, and the average straw equipment produces 2 tons of material every day).

Therefore, in the straw machinery and equipment industry, it is not the lower the product price, the lower the total cost of straw production. When purchasing straw equipment, you should consider the price of the straw machine, the quality of the straw machine, and the ability of the straw manufacturer to provide professional service. Obviously, the latter two are more important than the price of the device.

The design structure and equipment configuration of Marrow Machinery’s straw equipment are based on ensuring the continuous, efficient and stable production of the equipment, so as to reduce the cost as much as possible, so as to reduce the price of the equipment.

However, there is competition in all walks of life now. Take buying clothes and household appliances, for example. The product with the highest cost performance is not always the product with the lowest unit price.

The price of straw equipment of Marrow Machinery seems to be slightly higher than the lowest price you may know, but it can ensure that straw enterprises can put into normal production at the fastest speed without wasting 1 ton of material.

If you open a straw factory and want to save costs, one of the most critical things is to buy the right and reliable straw machinery equipment.

In addition, some efforts should be made to save costs in the production process of raw materials and straws.

At the end of 2021, Ling Hongjun, the founder of Marrow Machinery, created a circle of enabling straw producers to help solve all kinds of problems encountered in the straw production process.  Many technical masters and industry-related bosses were gathered in the circle for everyone to exchange technology and make mutually beneficial resource docking. Friends in need can add (call) the contact information on the homepage to join.

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