Open Straw Factory, Production Straw How Can Not Waste Material?

With an straw extruder, many factory workers may not waste more than 0.5 kg of material from pulling pipes to making qualified straws. And some straw factories, from pulling the pipe to making qualified straw between the waste more than 5 kilograms may be produced, this waste is very big.

straw extruder

On the one hand, a great reason for the waste of straw material is that the operator of the basic function of the straw machine, the process (such as heating temperature), the production process of equipment operation proficiency and the requirements of the standard there is some distance, or experience accumulation is not in place.

On the other hand, many people see how easy it is for others to pull the pipe, so they think it is easy to produce straws, so they don’t pay much attention to it.

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In fact, when we do it ourselves, or our team does it ourselves, we will find that everything is not as it seems. There are many techniques and methods in the straw production process.

Some masters say that I need 3kg of material to pull the pipe before I can pull out the straw. But it is possible that there is a master in this industry who can pull pipes and only need 0.5 kg of material to produce straws,This is a real case.

After we have mastered the skill of pulling the pipe, whether the control of these straw material’s waste indicators is orderly, whether it is in place, whether it is quantified will directly affect the amount of waste of straw material.


In order to reduce the waste of straw materials in the straw production process and improve production efficiency, in addition to having good straw mechanical equipment, we should also have workers skilled in the operation of straw equipment.

How can we get experienced workers?

One by external employment, two by internal training. You can let your straw workshop master learn from straw equipment manufacturers on-site. You can also invite straw equipment manufacturers to send people to the factory for systematic training of your workshop workers.

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