Mandrel Type PLA Straw Crystallizer

High efficiency mandrel type PLA straw crystallizer ( This straw machine can improve the high temperature resistance of PLA straw by secondary high temperature heating ) is an auxiliary equipment used in the PLA straw production line. It is usually set after the straw cutting machine. It is an automatic crystallization equipment specially used to improve the temperature resistance of PLA straw.

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Technical Feature:

1.Round mandrel fixed, crystallized, straw more round.

2.High crystallization efficiency, at least 580 PLA straws can be produced per minute.

3.Aero-grade insulation design, less than 10 degrees per hour power consumption, more energy saving.

4.1.2m wide, 2.8m long, covers an area of small, more suitable for automatic wiring, adapt to large-scale straw factory production.

5.Optional PLA straw precipitation detection system, will let your straw quality worry free.

6.Design of a number of patented technologies.

7.Mainstream brand crystallizing material all applicable.

8.Zonal heating, 100% crystallization.

All our products choose: Delta brand inverter, Schneider Circuit breaker, Schneider switch, knob. The main motor is Siemens "BEIDE" motor or Wannan motor. The key position adopts Japanese NSK bearing. Pneumatic components are selected from "AirTAC" and "SMC". The equipment is equipped with random accessories and measuring and maintenance tools that can satisfy customers' normal use for 12 months. The equipment packing is simple packing with crosstie sleeper and winding film.

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