ML22 Z-Shape PP Flexible Straw Auto Making Machine

Inside Diameter: Φ3.8mm, Φ4.8mm, Φ5.8mm
Length of straight straw: 155~245mm, 190~260 mm, 190~260 mm
Length of flexible straw: 140~230 mm, 175~245 mm, 175~245 mm
Thickness of straw: 0.18±0.02 mm, 0.16±0.02 mm, 0.16±0.02 mm
Top section length: 30~50 mm
Length of flexible part: First part: 5~6mm, Second part: 7~10 mm

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Model ML22 Z-Shape flexible straw auto making machine is a special machine of making Z-shape flexible drinking straws. The straight straws supplied in the hopper at the top of machine, passes through 12 sets of conveyor and 12 sets of needle and 1 sets of shaping wheel, delivered to output conveyor automatically.


Drinking industry: drinking straw, milk straws

Specifications :

Model ML21-4 ML21-5 ML21-6
Capability 250~280pcs/min
Main motor 1.5kW (VFD)
Automatic emergency stop equipment 1set
Automatic counter 1set
Conveyor 1set
Specifications of straw Inside Diameter Φ3.8mm Φ4.8mm Φ5.8mm
Length of straight straw 155~245mm 190~260 mm 190~260 mm
Length of flexible straw 140~235 mm 175~245 mm 175~245 mm
Thickness of straw 0.18±0.02 mm 0.16±0.02 mm 0.16±0.02 mm
Top section length 30~50 mm
Length of flexible part 8~11 mm
Machine weight 1000KG
Dimension 1200mm(W)×1800mm (L)
Other specifications are customizable

Technical Feature:

1.Automatic product counting, High efficiency and high production rate.

2.Automatic stop in the event of straw jamming.

3.Hopper in stainless steel is set at conveyor, one man can operate two machines.

4.The special repairing safety button ensures the equipment maintenance is more safe and convenient, shortens the maintenance time by 2/3, and greatly reduces the maintenance labor intensity.

All our products choose: Delta brand inverter, Schneider Circuit breaker, Schneider switch, knob. The main motor is Siemens "BEIDE" motor or Wannan motor. The key position adopts Japanese NSK bearing. Pneumatic components are selected from "AirTAC" and "SMC". The equipment is equipped with random accessories and measuring and maintenance tools that can satisfy customers' normal use for 12 months. The equipment packing is simple packing with crosstie sleeper and winding film.

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