ML26 Big Flexible Straw Making Machine

Capability: 20~30 PCS/min(two workers) , 30~35 PCS/min
Diameter of straw: Φ5.6mm, Φ11~12mm
Length of straight straw: 250~350 mm, 200~250 mm
Thickness of straw: 0.16~0.18 mm, 0.22~0.28 mm
Length of flexible part: 45~55mm(58teeth), 20mm(16teeth)

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Model ML26 Flexible straw making machine is a machine of making big flexible drinking straws by manual.

Specifications :

Model ML26 ML26A
Capability 2030 PCS/min(two workers) 3035 PCS/min
Main motor 120W 120W
Specifications of straw Diameter of straw Φ5.6mm Φ1112mm
Length of straight straw 250350 mm 200250 mm
Thickness of straw 0.160.18 mm 0.220.28 mm
Length of flexible part 4555mm(58teeth) 20mm(16teeth)
Machine weight 25KG 30KG
Dimension 200mm(W)×420mm (L) 400mm(W)×450mm (L)

All our products choose: Delta brand inverter, Schneider Circuit breaker, Schneider switch, knob. The main motor is Siemens "BEIDE" motor or Wannan motor. The key position adopts Japanese NSK bearing. Pneumatic components are selected from "AirTAC" and "SMC". The equipment is equipped with random accessories and measuring and maintenance tools that can satisfy customers' normal use for 12 months. The equipment packing is simple packing with crosstie sleeper and winding film.

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