ML28 Telescope Tetre-pak Straw Auto Making & Packing Machine

Length of straight straw: 101mm~105mm 101mm~105mm 101mm~105mm
Thickness of straw: 0.18±0.02 mm 0.16±0.02 mm 0.24±0.02 mm
Capability: 250~350(pcs/min) 180(pcs/min)

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ML28 Telescope Tetre-pak Straw Auto Making & Packing Machine is a auto machine that contienuesly move inner straw into out straw, and forming telescope straw, includes straw hopper, enlarging inner straw unit, shrinking outer straw unit, aligning and moving straw unit, heating system unit, packing device, haul off device, driver system, film plate, feeding out and conveyer system , electric controller system etc.

It is high efficiency machine, can change some spare parts to produce different size telescope straight or flexible straw. You can choose the auto Mega box machine after the telescope machine.


Drinking industry: drinking straw, milk straws

Specifications :

Model ML28-φ5-6 ML28-φ6-7 ML28-φ11
Capability 250~350(pcs/min) 180(pcs/min)
Specification of Wrapping material BOPP film BOPP

Materials that can be hot sealed Such as BOPP

Diameter of roll (maximum)340mm Diameter of roll (maximum)340mm
Width of film (maximum)190mm Width of film (maximum)190mm
Type of packing I-Shape Tetra-pak I-Shape Tetra-pak
Interspaces of straws 15±0.1mm (24mm)Customizable
Main motor 2.2 kW (VFD) 2.2kW (VFD)
Hopper motor 90W*2 90W*2
Heating power 12 Kw 15Kw
Automatic emergency stop equipment 2 set 11set
Automatic counter 1 set 1set
Conveyor collecting device 1 set 1set
Specifications of straw Specifications of straw 5-6mm 6-7mm 11mm(Special customizable)
φ4.5mm φ5.8mm /
φ5.1mm φ6.2mm /
Length of straight straw 101mm~105mm 101mm~105mm 101mm~105mm
Thickness of straw 0.18±0.02 mm 0.16±0.02 mm 0.24±0.02 mm
Machine weight 3500 Kg 3000KG
Dimension 1600mm(W)×4600mm (L)×1500mm(H) 1600mm(W)×5000mm (L)×1500mm(H)
Other specifications are customizable

Technical Feature:

  1. High degree of automation (flaring, shrinking, bayonet, sealing, pipe through, packaging integrated automatic production).
  2. Counting, traction, packaging, bag-making process continuous production.
  3. Equipped with repair device (unqualified products cutting repair).
  4. Heat sealing device with vacuum hub core, film unwinding adopts front-end mechanical tension adjustable device, on-line adjustment is convenient, packaging pitch is stable.
  5. Automatic product counting, High efficiency and high production rate.
  6. Molding part, packaging part, speed can be adjusted.
  7. Frequency conversion speed control, automatic shutdown over overload, reliable and stable operation, uniform speed change.

Telescope straw machine include:

  1. Telescope Tetre-pak Straw Auto Making machine
  2.  Telescope straw conveyor device
  3.  Auto packing machine
  4.  Telescope straw repair device

All our products choose: Delta brand inverter, Schneider Circuit breaker, Schneider switch, knob. The main motor is Siemens "BEIDE" motor or Wannan motor. The key position adopts Japanese NSK bearing. Pneumatic components are selected from "AirTAC" and "SMC". The equipment is equipped with random accessories and measuring and maintenance tools that can satisfy customers' normal use for 12 months. The equipment packing is simple packing with crosstie sleeper and winding film.

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