ML33B U&I Shape Straw Mege Boxing Machine

Capability: 700~1000pcs/min

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Model ML33B U&I Shape Straw Mege boxing machine is a machine that can mege boxing  U&I-shape Tetra-pak straw into paper box. instead of person to mege boxing. reduce lots of human cost. The machine use gantry structure instead of guide pillar structure. Up and domn move by linear guideway , is better than guide pillar structure . the main moving motor choose Servo motor with a high postion accuracy . controller system use PLC and Touch screen , easy and free to set any data that you not only makes your straw mege boxing operation easier, but also provides you with a high reliability.


Model ML33B
Capability 7001000pcs/min
Servo motor 0.98 kW
Up-down motor 0.18kW
Dolly moving motor 0.18kW
Take-off and count motor 0.18kW
Width of film PLC–Touch screen
Data setting All free setting
Specifications of straw Distance betweent straw 22mm
Distance betweent straw 15mm
Machine weight 500KG
Dimension 1200mmW)×1600mm (L)
Other specifications are customizable

Technical Feature:

1.Automatic product counting.

2.Packing speed can be adjusted freely.

3.Special urgency safety buttons.

All our products choose: Delta brand inverter, Schneider Circuit breaker, Schneider switch, knob. The main motor is Siemens "BEIDE" motor or Wannan motor. The key position adopts Japanese NSK bearing. Pneumatic components are selected from "AirTAC" and "SMC". The equipment is equipped with random accessories and measuring and maintenance tools that can satisfy customers' normal use for 12 months. The equipment packing is simple packing with crosstie sleeper and winding film.

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