What should I do if the straws produced by the PLA straw making machine are not round enough?

In the process of using PLA straw making machines to produce straws with PLA biodegradable materials, why is there always the problem of elliptical or insufficient roundness? This issue not only affects the appearance of the straws but also impacts their functionality and consumer satisfaction. In this article, we will explore the reasons for the occurrence of non-round straws in PLA straw production, the effects on production, and solutions to address this problem.

The reason why PLA straws are not round


Non-round PLA straws can be caused by a variety of factors, such as inconsistent material flow, uneven cooling, or improper mold design. These defects not only affect the appearance but also impair the functionality of the straw, which may affect the user experience.

PLA material

1. Material characteristics

Compared to traditional PP (polypropylene) materials, PLA (polylactic acid) is a biodegradable thermoplastic with complex compositions. Different manufacturers add different modification materials during the modification process, making the production of PLA straws much more challenging than PP straws.

2. Equipment calibration

The accuracy of the equipment used in straw production plays a vital role. If the extrusion machinery is not calibrated correctly, it can result in uneven distribution of the PLA material and produce straws that are not round.

3. Production environment

The production environment for PLA straw production can also be a factor. Temperature and humidity levels can affect the cooling and solidification of straws, causing them to warp. Consistency of environmental conditions is key to maintaining straw shape.

Solutions for non-round PLA straws


Suggestions are as follows:

1. Belt traction for improved roundness


Use belt traction instead of the traditional rubber wheel traction method to increase the traction area and improve the roundness of the straw.

2. Enhancing material formula for improved properties


It is recommended that the material manufacturer that provides you with PLA materials appropriately improves the formula to improve the rigidity and elasticity of the material.

3. Adding side clamping auxiliary parts


Add some side clamping auxiliary parts to the inside of the sink, such as clamping rollers.

Usually the flatness of the straw is small up and down, large left and right, and horizontally elliptical, so it is necessary to add some clamping parts to the left and right sides of the straw to improve the roundness of the straw.

4. Ensuring sufficient cooling for quality


Ensure that the produced straws are cooled enough before cutting the length of the straws.

Control the temperature of the water in the cooling tank. In summer, when the temperature is high, the water needs to be cooled; in winter, when the water temperature is low, the water needs to be heated. In summer, the water temperature in the afternoon is slightly higher than that in the morning. If the water temperature is not adjusted carefully, the same equipment can produce normally in the morning, but the straws produced in the afternoon will not be up to standard.

Marrow has been committed to producing high-quality straws, continuously developing straw production technology, ensuring accurate straw making machine calibration, and improving the quality of PLA straws. If you have any problems with your straw making machine, Marrow will be happy to provide you with professional advice.

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