Straw Packaging Machine Packaging Straw Often Appears Broken? Try Doing That!

The straw production process, extrusion, molding, cutting effect is very good, but after running in the straw single packing machine, the packaging out of the straw at both ends of the phenomenon of random breakage.

How can this problem be solved?


Ling Hongjun, founder of Marrow machinery, said: “This problem should be solved from the following points:

The conventional understanding is that when the straw single packing machine is working, the thrust hits the straw in the process of pushing the straw, so that the straw packaging bag cracks. So how do you solve it?

1. Maybe your conveyor belt is too long.

If the belt is too long, the space distance of the parts for pulling straws installed on the conveyor belt is longer, resulting in the straw falling, and the position space between the push head and the straw is also more.

In this case, it is recommended to replace the appropriate belt length to ensure that there is a proper distance between the parts of the straw.

Straw Packaging Machine

Generally speaking, it is suggested that the length of the straw plus 30-40mm is the opening distance of your parts for pulling straws.

2. Usually the pusher on the device is made of metal, probably copper material.

When copper material collides with the straw at high speed, cracks can be created inside the straw. What to do?

The most common method is to place a straw, or electrician’s heat-shrinkable tube, over the push head and then bake it with a lighter.

The direct collision between the drive pipe and the straw can alleviate the phenomenon of metal material colliding directly with the straw.

Straw Packaging Machine 2

3. The exit channel above the straw hopper is too small.

After the above problems are solved, if the straw is still broken after packaging, it is because the straw needs to enter the forming machine from a channel in the hopper at the moment of pushing the straw. When there is friction between the channel and the straw, the force of the push will be greater, and that will impact the straw. The simplest solution in this case is to enlarge the size of the outlet channel above the straw hopper.

Another way is to raise the overall height of the hopper by two to three millimeters and adjust it through spacers or copper skins. This method is based on the premise that if your push-head height is not long enough, it may lead to the push-head because of the belt shaking up and down, some straw can not push through, so the height of the hopper should be judged reasonably.”

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