China Central Television footage of Ling Hongjun, the founder of Marrow — to fulfill the commitment to achieve customer wealth

Ling Hongjun, General Manager of Nanjing Marrow Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD. He graduated in 1989 and was assigned to the military research Institute for technical work. During the transformation from military to civilian, he began to work in a private enterprise under the military Industry Research Institute, and organized the design of the country’s first generation of drink straw machine.

In 2005, due to the industrial transformation of the original company, he resigned and founded Nanjing Marrow Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is a high-tech enterprise specialized in designing, researching and developing, producing and selling plastic straw machines, quantitative weighing, batching, packaging machine, industrial automation, non-standard equipment. It can provide a complete set of equipment including PP plastic straws, environmentally friendly paper straws and PLA biodegradable straws that have a high technical level in the industry.

Asked about his understanding of corporate integrity, Ling Hongjun said:

“Honesty is the egoistic behavior in the process of altruism.

Of course, integrity is not just staying in the verbal commitment, it is more important to fulfill the promise, practice the promise, let your users make more profit, more profit in your commitment process.

In the past ten years, we have literally trained and passed on our knowledge, our manufacturing process, our methods to all our users without reservation.

In fact, in the early days, I spent a lot of time sorting out some application methods and application processes of this industry, the skills to solve the relevant problems that customers may encounter, and went into the enterprises of users to personally train them and teach them.

Now I ask all our team members to pass on our good technology, methods and experience to the operators and managers of these users every time in the process of service, so that they can obtain benefits in the shortest time, master some basic performance of the equipment in the shortest time, and reduce waste.”

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