How to do a good job? Marrow founder Ling Hongjun three points of experience!

1. “Do things to the extreme, there is room for development”.

People who have come into contact with  Mr. Ling know that he always faces work and life positively and has a hearty laugh.  As a senior technical expert in the straw machinery manufacturing industry, he is proficient in professional technology, excellence in straw machinery manufacturing, lifelong learning, let people admire.

In an interview, he said: “German, Japanese manufacturing is the target of Chinese manufacturing industry to catch up. All of them are very dedicated, focusing on a narrow industry segment, pursuing to do one thing to the extreme, with the spirit of craftsmanship. Settle down, no matter how hard it is, it can be done well. Focus on doing one thing well and believe that there will always be a lot of room for growth.”

In addition, Mr. Ling also encourages all employees to learn from books, society, peers and peers, and creates an atmosphere of loving learning and respecting knowledge in the company.

2. “Mechanical products, original ideas are very important”.

As the first generation straw machine designer in China, Mr. Ling Hongjun leads the development of this industry with his own professional technology and continuous innovation.

He has developed many new products in straw machinery manufacturing industry, and has done a lot of work for the production capacity and benefit of this industry.

In the straw machinery and equipment industry, Marrow Machinery has accumulated 2 authorized invention patents, 47 utility model patents, 5 invention patents and a number of utility model patents in the formula stage.

Mr. Ling said Marrow will put more effort into technological innovation in the future.

3. “I use my technical advantages to provide customers with services that others do not have. He benefits and gives me feedback, I will fee very happy”.

In the early straw mechanical equipment industry, many services were not in place. Mr. Ling changed many rules of the game in the industry with his own power.

Because the products sell well, many services are paid, but we Nanjing Maiou machinery changed the situation.We insist on providing free service to our customers throughout the process.

Mr. Ling Hongjun even uses his technical advantages and years of experience to sort out a large number of materials for the problems that may occur in the use of equipment, and strengthens the professional terms into the form of popular science, so that ordinary employees can understand, and help customers solve the problems in the way of popular science.

Over the years, we have promoted the development of millions, tens of millions and even hundreds of millions of domestic enterprises.

Mr. Ling Hongjun said: “I am really happy when I think back to these, maybe also very sad, but when the customer agrees with you, he benefits, and gives you feedback, I am really happy, very excited.”

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