The Straw Has Openings Or Cracks. What’s The Problem? How To Do With That?

In general, during winter, the straw making machine produced straws are more prone to experiencing openings or closures due to the brittle straw materials.

There are two possibilities that cause the straw material to become brittle:

When the straw making machine produced straws stay in the water tank for an extended period, they experience a longer cooling time. Spending significant time in a low-temperature environment causes the drinking straw to become hard. During the moment when the machine’s cutting blade cuts the drinking straws, the excessively hard and brittle ones may crack or have openings due to external forces. The best solution to avoid cracking or opening caused by prolonged cooling is to remove straws from the water earlier.

If the drinking straws still have cracks or slits even after being removed from the water earlier, the issue may lie in the initial stages of the machine’s operation. It is recommended to pour boiled hot water directly into the water tank when starting the machine, increasing the water temperature inside the tank. This ensures that the drinking straws won’t cool excessively in the water tank, preventing them from becoming too hard and brittle.

If the above two methods do not resolve the issues of openings, cracks, or explosions in drinking straws. It is necessary to consider the problem from the perspective of the product material formulation. Taking PLA material as an example, check whether the content of certain ingredients, such as calcium carbonate or talc, added in the raw material formulation is too high. If it is excessive, reduce the content of these ingredients.

If the above solutions still cannot address the problem, it is essential to consider the equipment aspect. Factors such as dull or blunt cutting blades on the machine should be examined.

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