Top 10 Straw-Making Machine Manufacturers in 2024

In today’s world, where environmental concerns are at the forefront, the demand for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic products is rapidly increasing. As a result, the market for paper straws has seen significant growth, and with it, the need for efficient and reliable straw-making machines. These machines play a crucial role in producing high-quality paper straws at scale. In this article, we will explore the top 10 manufacturers of straw-making machines, helping you make an informed decision for your business.

The Key Functions of a Straw-Making Machine

The straw-making machine performs a series of key functions in the production process, seamlessly executing bending, melting, cooling, shaping, cutting, and packaging of straws simultaneously.

  • Extrusion
    The machine begins by melting resin pellets, which are then extruded into long, narrow tubes. Through the extrusion technique, the molten material is forced through a die to achieve the desired form and size of the straw.

  • Cooling
    Immediately after production, the newly formed straws undergo rapid cooling to solidify their shape. Typically, this is accomplished using chilled water or air to ensure the straws harden efficiently.

  • Cutting & Trimming
    Once cooled and solidified, the straws are precisely trimmed to the desired length. Any excess material is carefully removed, leaving behind a smooth and uniform surface on the straws.

  • Packaging
    Lastly, the straws are carefully wrapped and prepared for distribution. Depending on the specific requirements and preferences of the customers, the straws may be packaged individually or in bulk, ensuring they are ready for immediate use or display.

Top 10 Straw-Making Machine Manufacturers


Establishment Year: 2005
Certifications: ISO9001
Product Offerings: Straw-making machines, including the full range of straw-production machines

Marrow Machinery was established in 2005. It specializes in straw-making machinery and high-tech equipment.

Two new patents and 47 patents for useful models in straw machinery and weighing. The high-tech certificate was given in July 2015 and was renewed in 2018 and 2021. It sells PP plastic and PLA biodegradable straws for different machines. Marrow is the only enterprise that can provide a full range of machines required by straw production factories. We enable larger straw factories to realize fully automated production lines.

Five Fingers Exports started in 2011. They make and sell packaging and printing machines. They specialize in making machines for straw-making, non-woven disposables, bag fabrication, and printing. They also cater to related industries. Five Fingers Exports prioritizes the assurance of quality in all of their devices.

They offer high-quality items at competitive costs, ensuring long-term durability and cost-effectiveness. A skilled team designs each machine to work best and last long. At Five Fingers Exports, quality comes first. They work hard to exceed client expectations and grow with their support.

Nanjing Jiexuan Mechanical leads in making and selling straw machines. The company is in Nanjing City, close to Shanghai. Specializing in research, design, and manufacture of Drinking Straw Machines. Including various types like PLA, PP, Sugarcane Fiber, and Bamboo Fiber.

They learn new technology and management ideas. They made a helpful service system and have a certified quality assurance system. With ten extra years of experience, they offer OEM and ODM capabilities. This meets global customer needs.

GreenLand Enterprises stands as India’s premier supplier of turn-key solutions for automatic paper straw-making machines. Offering a diverse array of paper product machinery, GreenLand provides an end-to-end solution for manufacturing a comprehensive range of food-serving paper products.

Proudly bringing cutting-edge 21st-century technology to our Indian clientele, GreenLand introduces the “ECOSTRWZ-50” series – the world’s first fully automatic paper straw-making machines. These patented designs have garnered numerous prestigious awards on a global scale.

Tembo Paper specializes in producing eco-friendly paper straws and state-of-the-art machinery for their manufacturing. They offer high-quality, sustainable paper straws on a global scale, supplying them in bulk to brands worldwide. Tembo Paper is the exclusive provider of the world’s only machine capable of producing 3mm-wide paper straws. They offer a variety of eco-friendly paper straw sizes to cater to businesses worldwide. Utilizing innovative spiral paper technology, Tembo Paper facilitates businesses in transitioning to sustainable straw alternatives. Their paper straw-making machine is known for its precision, efficiency, and eco-friendliness, optimizing production while minimizing space requirements.

Jumbo Steel Machinery is a prominent manufacturer based in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, specializing in machinery for the production of various types of drinking straws and extrusion lines for plastic processing. Established in 1986, the company has built a strong reputation for innovation, quality, and reliability in the industry. They offer a diverse range of machinery solutions including flexible straw-making machines, straight straw-making machines, spoon straw-making machines, and more. Jumbo Steel Machinery is committed to technological advancement, customer satisfaction, and providing comprehensive support services to ensure optimal performance of their machinery.

Jota Machinery makes paper straw machines. Their high-quality products meet the rising need for eco-friendly options over plastic straws.

The company sells different types of machines to make paper straws. They can make paper straws quickly in various styles. These machines efficiently produce paper straws in various sizes and designs. They meet the diverse needs of customers in the food and beverage industry.
Jota Machinery Industrial focuses on quality and new ideas. They constantly enhance their products and methods to please customers. The company got ISO 9001 certification. This shows they keep high quality in making things.

Yingke Machinery & Electric Co., Ltd. is a distinguished straw-making machine manufacturer, the company specializes in the production of machinery and equipment for various industries, including the beverage, food processing, and packaging sectors. Yingke Machinery & Electric Co., Ltd. is renowned for its extensive range of products, which includes beverage-filling machines, bottle-blowing machines, labeling machines, packaging machinery, and more. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, the company has earned a reputation for delivering reliable and efficient machinery solutions to businesses worldwide.

YG Paper Machinery (Henan YG Machinery Co.Ltd) is a machinery manufacturer located in Henan Province, China. The company was established in 2005 and specializes in the production of papermaking industrial machinery. It provides a 4-blade paper straw machine production line suitable for producing paper straws with an outer diameter of 6-12mm. It is highly efficient, easy to operate, and highly practical. Yongguang Paper Machinery focuses on innovation, quality, and environmental sustainability, and has earned a reputation for providing high-quality, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions to enterprises in the global paper industry.

Songhu Plastic Machinery is a well-established manufacturer. Founded in 2010, the company specializes in the production of plastic machinery and equipment. Songhu Plastic Machinery offers a comprehensive range of machinery solutions for various plastic processing applications, including plastic extrusion lines, plastic recycling machines, plastic pipe production lines, and more. With a focus on technological innovation, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction, Songhu Plastic Machinery has built a solid reputation for delivering reliable and efficient machinery solutions to clients in the plastic industry worldwide.



These top 10 manufacturers of straw-making machines represent the forefront of innovation and quality in the industry. With a diverse range of product offerings and certifications ensuring compliance with international standards, they cater to the growing demand for sustainable and efficient straw production globally.

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