What To Do With The Burrs On The Straws Produced By The Pla Biodegradable Straw Making Machines?

We can inspect the PLA biodegradable straw manufacturing equipment from the following six aspects:

1. Check whether the straws are adequately cooled before cutting.

2. Examine the cutting blade of the straw cutting machine in the PLA biodegradable straw production machine to ensure it is sharp enough.

3. Ensure that the blade seat and edge of the cutting blade in the PLA biodegradable straw manufacturing equipment are smooth without any notches.

4. Verify that the fit between the cutting blade and the blade seat in the PLA biodegradable straw making machine is proper and there are no gaps between them.

5. Check for any slight axial movement in the cutting blade shaft of the straw cutting machine in the PLA straw making equipment.

6. Confirm that the fixation of the cutting edge sleeve in the straw cutting machine of the PLA straw manufacturing equipment is secure. If there are gaps in the cutting edge sleeve, it may cause momentary jitter during the cutting process, leading to burrs.

By examining these six aspects, the occurrence of burrs on the PLA straws produced by the PLA straw making equipment can be effectively avoided.

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